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intermittent fasting workshops & coaching


“Laurie inspired me to start Intermittent Fasting, coached me through the process, and I have lost 15 pounds. The surprising thing is that, rather than feeling groggy from not eating, I find I have exceptional focus and level energy all day.”

- Tom S., Information Technology Executive 

“Laurie has been an instrumental part of my IF journey. Not only has she inspired me by her own success, she has provided me with fundamental concepts, directed me toward important resources and cheered me on as I navigate this new and awesome way of life. I absolutely would not be on this journey and having such great success without the expertise and encouragement I have received from Laurie!”

- Tracy J., Running Coach

“I was having trouble keeping food cravings (and weight) under control even though I had a very healthy diet by most standards. Laurie explained Intermittent Fasting and I was completely on board. I didn't realize how bad I was feeling till my energy, mental clarity, pooping, and sleep all improved dramatically after a couple weeks. I haven't looked back in 7 months.”

- William H., Music Producer 

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Q: Fasting is free; why should I pay for coaching?

A: Good question! As with many things in life, having a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced coach by your side is invaluable. I provide listening, community, accountability, information, tools, and inspiration. Many find this provides the foundation they need to continue on their own. That said, there are books, films, podcasts, groups, and videos to dig into. I encourage you to absolutely begin your fasting practice today!

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Q: What can I expect from starting a fasting practice?

A: The list of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits are endless. Each person starts in a different place -- your body, history, age, health, fitness, and food sensitivities. There is not one correct fasting schedule or eating regimen for everyone. It’s individual. One thing is certain, pausing from eating for a portion of each day, allows the hormones, gut, brain cells, organs, blood to restore and heal. Every day.

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Q: Which is better, 1:1 coaching or the workshop?

A: It depends! Which resonates? Would you like to speak directly with me and have my listening, direction, and personal responses to what you are dealing with? Or, would the live “classroom” topics and format of a group be more engaging for you, because we learn so much - and are lifted up - from others’ experiences? I enjoy both formats equally, and I look forward to knowing how I can best serve you.


workshop dates

Mondays, starting November 11 “Alumni” participants only. Write to Laurie in “Contact” form for details.

Tuesdays, starting November 12

November 12, 19, 26, December 3, 10, January 7, 14

THRIVE through the Holidays, and welcome 2020 feeling amazing!